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Deborah Kelly Hopkins

After studying at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery I joined a scheme that helped artists and craftspeople turn their passion into a business. I spent several years in Birmingham establishing my business before I met my husband and moved to Cambridge. I have now been a designer and maker of precious jewellery for over 20yrs.

I started the business in a shared workshop in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. When I moved to Cambridge, I opened a shop and studio. Unfortunately, the financial crash in 2008 forced it to close. I then moved into a room under the stairs at home. Today I still work from home and I sell my jewellery through my website and by exhibiting at craft fairs.

My signature hammered texture is inspired by the chalk cliffs of Dorset and the sparkling sea is represented by the diamonds. From this initial inspiration, my designs have progressed. Bigger gems in the rings came through making commissions for clients repurposing their old jewellery and many of the Modern pieces incorporate gold and silver in the same piece so you can have the best of both worlds.

Showing at the Artists' Marquee

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