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Roz Howling

Roz grew up moving between countries for her father’s work. While a lot changed, spending time outside as a family, exploring the landscape, didn’t. It was an enjoyable Sunday routine and a constant in her life. The landscape provided not just enjoyment but a place of quiet and comfort for Roz. The woodlands and open spaces allowed her the freedom to explore uninterrupted. Inspired by the colour, texture, shapes and wildlife, she enjoyed being in the moment. This is what she strives to communicate in her printmaking. Sometimes that’s capturing the literal, sometimes it’s conveying the colours, light and shapes. Roz’s first experience of printmaking and landscape art was creating monoprints of leaves collected in the school playground. She instantly connected with it.


Roz continues to print regularly, capturing the immersive moments of a hike, and reliving those memories back in the studio, back in the everyday. Printmaking allows her to experiment with a single image, taking a plate that she has created and changing the colour, texture or paper to reflect a given moment experienced in the landscape over many hikes.

Showing at the Artists' Marquee

weekends 3 and 4

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